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SMART Tutorials plays an essential part in my life. It not only helped me grow academically but also helped me grow as an individual. This institution has been like a second home to me. Smart tutorials helped me overcome my fear of facing the audience through the annual day organized every year in march. All these extra activities arranged by them helped me grew in different fields. They also organize seminars annually in which experts from their respective fields come and give us the knowledge which no other institution provides. It has helped me prepare for today’s world by providing me with the right insights.
Anuroop Sharma
Highest Marks in Maths – 95 In Class XII Board (2019)
Everyone has its good and bad times. My bad time was when I used to do score good grades but never became a scholar. Smart Tutorials as a Holistic Develpoment Centre helped me evolve as an individual and improve my grades. The teachers provided me with adequate guidelines which helped me score good grades in Class X Board exams. It helped me not only in academics but also boosted up my self-confidence because of co-curricular activities. I have changed for good by being a part of Smart Tutorials.
Aaditya Jain
Class- XII
SMART TUTORIALS made me score full marks in science. It’s the most memorable thing for me till date! I scored well in subjects like math and science when I personally hated them the most. Smart tutorials made me realize that nothing is difficult and there is always a solution to everything. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a holistic place.
Kanishka Aggarwal
Highest Marks in English – 96 In Class XII Board (2019)
Smart tutorials has been one of the most important part of my life. I joined smart tutorials when I was in class 11th. Smart tutorials helped me to change one of my most difficult times. Smart tutorials helped me to build up my personal confidence and also improve my academic results. Smart tutorials has helped me become more self-disciplined and responsible as the tutors here monitor the progress of each and every student. In this competitive world smart tutorials has helped me not only to improve in studies but also in the overall development. I was motivated at every point by my teachers. They helped me to score better by motivating me what to study and when to study. At smart tutorials, it is a completely different experience as all the teachers give us personal attention.
Harshit Arora
Class - XII
Smart Tutorials has brought a great impact on my life. It helped me in reaching my potential and discovering my interests. Not only in studies but it helped me gain confidence and get over my anxieties through its various activities. I myself had no idea that how good I was in photography but Mr. Manav Bansal helped me in reaching where I am today. I owe a great deal to this institution and would always be thankful to all faculty members – Dr S P Singh, Mr Pradhan and Mr Asharam Sharma. Had they not been there, I would not have prepared well for board exams.
Kartavya Aggarwal
Class- XII
Smart Tutorials has played a very important role in my life. It made me a better person and made me capable enough to stand against the odds. It has helped me to gain confidence and made me realize my worth. I am very thankful to Smart Tutorials and specially Manav Sir who made it all possible for me. I am very grateful to him for teaching me both life and academic lessons.
Kriti Agrawal
Class- XII
I always believe that teaching is not restricted to academics only but it is a path to go beyond the horizons in order to unlock students’ potential. Smart tutorials is one such institution which focuses on building one’s persona. It has helped me become more diligent not only towards studies but also every activity in life. The teachers here always treated me as their own child and helped me inculcate all the goodness of the world. The best part here in the activities they organise. It really helped me boost my confidence. In a nutshell I would I would say, that smart tutorials has unbolt my inner potential to its fullest as of now.
Satya Dev Sharma
Class - XII
Smart tutorials has helped me to prepare myself for today’s world. It helped me to develop my confidence, self esteem and made me aware about the challenges in today’s world. It helped me to improve my personality and discipline. It plays an important role in my life. Faculty members are very cooperative and friendly. Started liking the stream I chose because of core and senior faculty members. Their expertise in their subject is exemplary.
Yuvraj Singh
Class- XII
“SMART TUTORIALS” is an educational institution working efficiently and progressively in its field. I became a part of this institution last year. I was quite confused whether my decision of leaving the previous one and joining the Smart Tutorials was correct or not as it would affect my result. But as the time passed, I was happy with my decision. The institution helped me in every perspective of my life. It not only helped me in development of my studies but also in many more things such that I could be a better individual in the society. It helped me meeting deadlines, attendance, punctuality and overcoming my stage fear in the annual day. The institution not only helped in academic guidance, it helps us with many more monthly activities with are very enjoyable and we learn something from that. I want to really thank the Smart Tutorials as it helped me to prepare for today's world and evolve as an individual.
Archit Bansal
Class- X
Smart Tutorials plays a very special role in my life. This institute gave me better guidelines to study in different ways. They also organize extracurricular activities which help me develop my personality. For instance, improving communication skills, helping us discover our hidden talents, etc. Smart Tutorials and their teachers always motivate their students to showcase their talents and appreciate them. Through this institute a child can live a better life because this institution teaches a good way to live and manage the time for studies and all extra activities. I’m so glad and blessed to be a part of ‘SMART TUTORIALS’. It changed my life and my way of looking at it too.
Ishita Gupta
Class - IX
Smart tutorials is a holistic development centre which not just only focuses on your academics but overall development. It organizes various monthly activities which has helped me to learn new things and discover the need to focus for improvement on a specific field. It exposes us to do certain activities or things which definitely helped me to be a better individual. It has made me realise that spoon feeding won’t help me at all stages. It is important to make efforts no matter it is in academics or other activities. After enrolling myself in smart tutorials, I realised that ups and downs are a part of life but the thing which matters the most is confidence and efforts. I feel proud to be a part of it.
Kanika Mittal
Class- IX
I joined this institution when I started with class 9th. I had no experience of tuitions before this one as my mother was my teacher till then. But then I decided to study independently under the guidance of a teacher so that I can score good grades and focus on personality development too. We met Manav sir at Smart tutorials and I was impressed by him as I found him to be a fun loving and an understanding teacher. It was from then that I changed my learning skills, my English improved and I started to have a much better attitude towards life and career. My parents also witnessed a change in me as I evolved as a human being and became a better student. I pay my regards to Manav sir who has always supported me and guided me in every aspect. I love my sir and I’m blessed to be a part of this institution.
Pranay Jain
Class- IX