Our Approach of Holistic Development

SMARTशाला has gained its name in its vicinity because of its own holistic development approach and the very reason of being first-ever such an institute which critically grooms students not only academically but also dynamically. Our approach of holistic development is versatile. We believe every student has a hidden talent in him or her. So we organize monthly complementary activities in which students are forced to come out of their cosmos and realize their hidden potential. Not every student in the school gets an opportunity to be part of stage activities.

Keeping that in mind, we give an equal opportunity to every student to perform on stage and get over the fear and anxiety of performing on stage. We build a young generation of new ideas and motivate students to get in ideas which felicitates their overall personality development. Celebrating every small or big event together binds all of us in a family teaching the values of sharing is caring. 

Our prominent activities include Annual Day Celebrations where in every student perform on stage leaving all the fear and anxiety behind. Annual Seminar happens to be another prominent event wherein elite class speakers are invited to ignite young minds and conduct workshops on the essential concern of daily life for both the students and parents. Annual Sports Day is organized to celebrate sportsmanship in every student. Remembering great warriors and noble citizens who have earned their name in world with their determination are remembered through various monthly activities like Shakespeare’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, and many more. To sow the seeds of green thinking in a young mind, we organize a plantation drive and cleanliness drive every year.